5 Cardinals players that are doomed with Oli Marmol returning in 2024

Oli Marmol returning as manager in 2024 could spell disaster for certain Cardinals
St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
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Andre Pallante is doomed with Marmol returning as manager

Pallante debuted with the Cardinals in 2022, bypassing AAA Memphis and going straight to Memphis after an impressive Spring Training. Pallante stepped up and pitched well in his first season but seemed to have a sophomore slump in his second season. He almost seemed overused by Marmol.

In his first season, he split time between starting and relieving. In 2023, he was primarily a relief pitcher. He was 4-1 over 62 games and 68 innings. He had an ERA of 4.76 and 43 strikeouts. It often seemed he was never put in a situation where he would be successful. After his success in that first season, you would think Marmol would place him in better situations to help the team. Instead, the 25- year-old was struggling. Granted, there was a new pitching coach in Dusty Blake and a new catcher in Willson Contreras. This could, indeed, be part of the struggles Pallante had.

Pallante has already started making improvements for himself. He's developing a "death ball" that should be a helpful pitch addition to his arsenal. The death ball is a faster curveball that has a later drop. It should be impressive to watch.