5 Cardinals players that are doomed with Oli Marmol returning in 2024

Oli Marmol returning as manager in 2024 could spell disaster for certain Cardinals
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Dylan Carlson is doomed with Marmol returning as manager

Carlson has had since 2020 to show the Cardinals what kind of player he can be for them. Unfortunately, due to a lack of consistency and some lingering health issues, Carlson has been unable to really show off what he is capable of producing.

Even when healthy, Marmol would place anyone but him in centerfield, including Lars Nootbaar and Tommy Edman, in one of the more shocking moves last season. While it was understandable that it would be an excellent time to see what other options were available in centerfield, Carlson has been a prime trade candidate. But Carlson is rehabbing from an ankle surgery this offseason. Any team that pulls the trigger on a trade for Carlson now is taking a huge gamble that he heals appropriately from the surgery.

Fans have been skeptical of trading Carlson, fearing he will become the next Randy Arozarena or Adolis Garcia. The Cardinals hope to flip Carlson for a mid-level rotation-caliber starting pitcher. If the Cardinals can do that with success, Cardinal fans should be excited about the possibilities. We gave five potential destinations for Carlson on the site last week.