5 Cardinals pitchers who are on short leashes

Here are five pitchers should manager Oli Marmol keep a close eye on
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Andrew Kittredge is on a short leash

Kittredge has been another great find for the Cardinals bullpen. But lately, he has also fallen into the trap of trying to make things more interesting than being effective in getting batters out.

In 36 games, Kittredge is 1-3 with 34.2 innings of work. He has a 3.12 ERA and has struck out 32 batters. He does have 21 holds and one save this season. In his last seven games, he's pitched 7.2 innings, giving up nine hits, two walks, four earned, and four strikeouts.

Here's hope Marmol and pitching coach Dusty Blake keep a close watch on Kittredge so he will be effective late into the season.

Matthew Liberatore is on a short leash

Since acquiring Liberatore from the Tampa Rays, the Cardinals have had high hopes for him. Instead of being the left-handed ace they desired, he's become a spot starter and long reliever. That lack of a specific role for Liberatore has kept him from building toward one thing in the offseason because, without fail, each season, the role has changed to whatever they need in the moment.

He is 1-2 in 26 games this season. He has thrown 38.1 innings, garnering a 4.46 ERA and striking out 28 batters.

Expectations for Liberatore have been high, so having a role in so much flux has got to be incredibly frustrating. It would be best for him to have consistency in one set role. Until that can happen, the Cardinals must keep him on a short leash.