5 Cardinals pitchers who are on short leashes

Here are five pitchers should manager Oli Marmol keep a close eye on
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Lance Lynn is on a short leash

The Cardinals brought Lynn into the fold as a veteran who could eat some innings and save the bullpen. This was a terrible issue during the 2023 season, and Mozeliak wanted to bring Lynn in to help. Lynn was drafted by the Cardinals and knows the system, which was another selling point in bringing him back.

Lynn has been incredibly streaky but did his job on Monday against the Braves. Now 3-3 on the season, Lynn pitched 6.2 innings, giving up four hits and one earned run, including a home run to Austin Riley. He struck out five batters. Lynn stepped up, knowing the Cardinals wanted to avoid going deep into their bullpen to give some arms a night off.

It's good to see Lynn do what he was asked to come back to St. Louis to do. He's been very streaky in his other appearances. He must be watched closely to ensure he's ready to give his best effort for the Cardinals to avoid a bullpen game. He's fully capable of doing this, and it will be fun to see him do so consistently.

JoJo Romero is on a short leash

Romero has been an excellent addition to the Cardinals bullpen. He can be effective in a number of ways, from setting up for the closer to holding down the seventh inning. He's been very reliable until recently. He seems to have fallen into a typical rut for Cardinals relievers in that he likes to make things interesting.

He may not enjoy making things interesting, but he has a knack for it. The team will be wise to keep him on a short leash to prevent overuse. Romero is a valuable arm out of the bullpen when locked in.

In 35 games, he's thrown 34.2 innings with 33 strikeouts and a 2.86 ERA. He's walked seven batters, four home runs, and 11 earned runs. On Sunday, he made things too close in his one-third of an inning of work facing three batters. He gave up two walks and two earned runs.

Hopefully, Marmol will keep a close watch on Romero, who has been a fun bullpen option for the Cardinals. He will be important as the team gets deeper into the season. The team needs his confidence riding high.