4 ways John Mozeliak can finish the Cardinals' offseason strong

The signings of Kyle Gibson and Lance Lynn befuddled fans. John Mozeliak still has plenty of time to make the 2024 offseason a success.
St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
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The St. Louis Cardinals signed Kyle Gibson and Lance Lynn last week. The acquisitions signaled a move towards building up the bottom of the rotation. Cardinal fans knew that the team needed a pitcher who could go 5 or 6 innings each start and make at least 28 starts next year; however, the fans thought that pitcher would come in the form of Jordan Montgomery or Sonny Gray, not two pitchers who would be at the bottom of the rotation.

There is still at least one spot left in the rotation, and hopefully, a player like Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Blake Snell, Sonny Gray, or Jordan Montgomery will be brought on to help the rotation. In addition to fixing the starting rotation, John Mozeliak can find success this offseason by making some specific moves for the ream.

Here are four other moves John Mozeliak needs to make to consider the offseason a success.

1. Sign a front-end starting pitcher

As I just stated, there are still plenty of options in the free agent market who could be front-end starters in the St. Louis rotation next year. Should St. Louis sign any one of Yamamoto, Snell, Gray, or Montgomery, their rotation would see a huge boost immediately.

A rotation of one of those four pitchers plus Miles Mikolas, Steven Matz, Kyle Gibson, and Lance Lynn won't be considered one of the best rotations in the league, but it will be a significant improvement from last year. Snell and Yamamoto would be the most expensive of the bunch, but they would also be the best. Gray and Montgomery would be more bargain signings, but they would still be very strong headliners for a starting rotation.