4 trade locations and returns for Cardinals' All-Star closer Ryan Helsley

Ryan Helsley will draw plenty of interest at this year's trade deadline if the Cardinals choose to sell. These teams are good fits for the righty.
St. Louis Cardinals v Detroit Tigers - Game One
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Philadelphia Phillies

It's felt like the Phillies have needed relief pitching for the last 3 seasons. Their rotation and offense have always been strong, but their shaky relievers have made fans sweat out many a playoff game recently. While the bullpen is much improved compared to the group that was pushed out 3 years ago, there's still plenty of room for growth.

The Phillies rank 25th in reliever bWAR, 22nd in ERA, and 14th in walk rate. While their needs aren't as exacerbated as the Rays' needs, Philly could still use a reliable arm late in games. Jose Alvarado leads the team with 7 saves, but his 3.78 ERA and propensity to walk batters aren't the most reliable among closers.

Ryan Helsley would immediately help their bullpen. He would bring with him a strong walk rate and assurance late in games. Alvarado is a lefty, so he and Helsley can pitch to their strengths late in the game, giving manager Rob Thomson some options.

Mick Abel is the Phillies #3 prospect (#63 in baseball), but he would likely be out of reach in a trade that included only Ryan Helsley. It's possible the Phillies are enticed enough to trade away one of their two best pitching prospects, though. If the Cardinals move one of their own top prospects, the tall righty could join the discussions. The Cardinals and Phillies could swap relievers, and Orion Kerkering could come back in return, but his age and performance thus far may make the Phillies wary of dealing him. In the end, a deal must be made between these two teams.

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