4 things to watch for after Masyn Winn's call-up by the Cardinals

Cardinals' top prospect Masyn Winn has finally be called up to St. Louis. There is a lot this can mean for Winn and the club.

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Does Masyn Winn prove he is ready to be the club's starting shortstop in 2024?

Having Winn make his MLB debut in 2023 is a huge advantage for the club going into next season. Winn now has about a month and a half to get his feet wet in St. Louis, adjust to big-league pitching, and just go out and play freely as the club's new shortstop.

Even though Winn has been tearing up Triple-A as of late, it does not guarantee he will be ready to take over at shortstop for a team that is intent on making the playoffs in 2024. Winn's performance the rest of the season will likely influence how aggressive they are with him going into Opening Day.

This doesn't mean Winn can't struggle in St. Louis and still be the club's shortstop in 2024. Winn can use the offseason and Spring Training to make adjustments and improve in any areas he needs to in order to be the starter, but he's still just 21 years old, so the club does not need to rush him.

Winn now has the advantage of getting his MLB debut out of the way and 100+ plate appearances in St. Louis before having to run out for them on Opening Day or be a key contributor to a playoff team in 2024. Jordan Walker had all of that pressure going into 2023, and although he handled it well, it's a lot easier to go on Winn's path.

The Diamondbacks' Corbin Carroll had the same kind of call-up to Arizona last year, and the experience has helped him immensely as the runaway favorite in Rookie of the Year voting this year. Winn is not regarded as highly as a prospect, but like Carroll, this can be huge for his development as a player.