4 starting pitchers the St. Louis Cardinals could buy low on to save their rotation

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Alex Cobb

Oh, we all remember Alex Cobb, the San Francisco Giants starter who the Cardinals allowed to throw a complete game shutout against them.

Cobb is having an awesome season so far, posting a 2.43 ERA and an 8.9 K/9 in his first six starts. So how is Cobb a "buy-low" guy? Well, the Giants may be willing to capitalize on his hot start while he has value. Sometimes you want to stay away from pitchers like this, but there are underlying stats that show that what Cobb is doing right now is very sustainable.

Cobb has somehow maintained that 2.43 ERA while allowing the 4th-highest BABIP in all of baseball at .360. While he ranks very low in hard-hit rate which is concerning, his whiff rate and lack of walks really help his case. You would expect that BABIP to drop over the course of the season as well, which could increase his success even more.

Cobb's 3.00 FIP and 2.99 xFIP also indicate that even with some regression, he'd still be a very good pitcher. The Cardinals need guys they can rely on right now, and there is no reason to believe Cobb couldn't be that guy fro them this year.