4 St. Louis Cardinals who need to step up before it's too late

The last place Cardinals are running out of time and patience

Nolan Gorman
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2. Dylan Carlson

Carlson has had a rough season battling injury. It seems he gets on a nice steady streak, will get injured, and then struggle some more before getting right. Here's hoping Carlson can stay healthy and endure the remainder of the season unscathed.

Over his last seven games, Carlson is hitting .273/.385/.545 with six hits, three runs, two home runs, one walk, and five RBI. He's had four strikeouts in that time frame. It's good to see him getting on base and producing.

In 43 games, Carlson has been productive where ever he's been placed in the outfield. He does better in center and right field. With Tommy Edman doing well in center field, it's good to see Carlson get his shot in right field.

Carlson is hitting .246/.325/.410 for the season with an OPS of .735. He has 33 hits, five doubles, one triple, five home runs, one stolen base, and 19 RBI. He has 11 walks and 28 strikeouts.

He's not doing poorly at the plate, but it would be nice to see him get more playing time so that he can produce more. The Cardinals do have a glut of outfielders, so getting Carlson consistent playing time so he may stand out has been a struggle. Hopefully, he will use this series in London and July to show out and prove the Cardinals were correct when they considered him their top prospect in 2020.