4 St. Louis Cardinals who need to step up before it's too late

The last place Cardinals are running out of time and patience
Nolan Gorman
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The Cardinals are stuck in last place in the NL Central. Who on the Cardinals roster must turn things around before it gets too late?

The Cardinals thought they would be in a better position at this time. They are playing the Cubs this weekend in London and look to gain some consistency and scrape back into contention against their rivals.

Consistency has been a consistent issue for the Cardinals lately. It's as if they get comfortable doing the good things they do and then fall out of sync, but it takes forever to get back into the successful rhythm. This goes for the entire roster. The line-up and pitching staff have all fallen to the inconsistency bug. It could just be the ebbs and flows of the game, but it's been incredibly frustrating this season.

Can the Cardinals regain some consistency? Can the Cardinals climb out of last place in the NL Central with the Reds, Brewers, and Pirates battling for the first three spots in the division and the always pesky Cubs fighting for contention? It seems like a daunting task. Certain players must step up before it is too late for the Cards. Let's discuss those players.

4. Nolan Gorman

Gorman got off to a fantastic start for the Cardinals. He began playing like the guy the Cardinals had expected to see when he was called up from AAA Memphis in 2022. But, much like in 2022, Gorman has trended downward in consistency and seems to be struggling at the plate.

In his last seven games, he's hitting .037/.161/.037 with four walks and 11 strikeouts. He has one hit and has scored a run for the Cardinals. That's a pretty terrible week for the potential All-Star. Overall in 2023, he's hitting .232/.317/.468 with an OPS of .785, 29 walks, 81 strikeouts, ten doubles, 15 home runs, 27 runs scored, 46 RBI and four stolen base.

Gorman seems to have fallen into an old habit of striking out. He could benefit from the layoff between games thanks to the travel time to London. He should be able to reset and refocus to get back to playing up to his standard. He has been a tremendous asset to the Cardinals this season as he's taken charge at second base, but he also performed well at third base and as the team's designated hitter.

Here's hoping Gorman can reboot and return to the hitter we have come to enjoy in the Cardinals lineup.