4 prospects the Cardinals need to keep to help them compete in 2024

The St. Louis Cardinals should be able to reset after this season and compete. These prospects should be kept to help that cause.
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Michael McGreevy

Speaking of pitching prospects that could make a big difference in 2024, Michael McGreevy has done nothing but perform in the minor leagues ever since the Cardinals drafted him in the first round back in 2021. In just a little over two seasons as a pro, McGreevy has managed to make it all the way to Triple-A.

McGreevy does not have overpowering stuff, but he throws a lot of strikes and is particularly gifted at getting groundballs which plays to the Cardinals' strength as a defensive-minded club. His stuff is also getting better as his fastball velocity has improved and his slider has more bite these days.

While McGreevy is guy that probably has a middle of the rotation ceiling, his proximity to the major leagues should give St. Louis pause before including him in a trade. If trading him gets them a better rotation arm for 2024, that could work. Otherwise, they should keep him around.

Luken Baker

Luken Baker is a weird case because it wasn't that long ago that he was looking like a bust. The 2019-2022 seasons saw him show his significant raw power, but there were some serious questions about his hit tool especially in 2022 where he hit just .228 in Triple-A with a .682 OPS.

2023 has been an entirely different story for Baker, though, as he has absolutely mashed at Triple-A and even got a cup of coffee in the big leagues in June. His improved approach at the plate and upside means that the Cardinals could theoretically entertain Goldschmidt this offseason or next season if it comes to it and give them a very interesting DH option if first base isn't an option in 2024.

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