4 players who are off the trade block since the Cardinals entered the playoff race

The St. Louis Cardinals have held a playoff spot for a few days now. There is more surety in their season. Some former trade candidates are no longer available.
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1B Paul Goldschmidt

Jim Bowden said of Goldschmidt in mid-May that "(He's) an impending free agent and could get traded at the deadline if he can start hitting. Goldschmidt, 36, looks like age and decline have caught up to him, but with his strong intangibles and plus defense at first base, he could be dealt if he can show more offensively." He has done just that in the last month.

While Goldy's numbers are nowhere near the preferred levels, he has been on a bit of a rebound in the last 28 days. He's slashing .268/.317/.443 for a .761 OPS in the last month. He's been able to cut his strikeout rate down from 32.3% to 28.5%, and he's doubled his extra-base hit count in that time span with 4 home runs and 5 doubles.

Goldy's defense has always been stout, and he brings plenty of intangibles to the lineup as Bowden stated. Given the complexity that is Goldschmidt's expiring contract, the Cardinals would be wise to keep the future Hall of Famer. He has shown more confidence offensively in the last month, and he has been a fixture at first for half a decade with the Cardinals. If he can continue to hit at even a league-average rate or slightly better, he has more value on the team than as a trade candidate.

Goldschmidt's ability to hit is imperative in the heart of the order. He's had a little bit of a resurgence since May 20th, and given the Cardinals' spot in the playoffs right now, he would be an invaluable veteran in the clubhouse down the stretch.