4 perplexing mysteries that the Cardinals must unravel

The St. Louis Cardinals have to figure out the solutions to these head-scratchers if they want to succeed in 2024 and beyond.
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Yadier Molina's whereabouts

Cardinals fans were ecstatic when John Mozeliak announced before the 2024 season that longtime Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina was going to serve as a special assistant in the front office. Molina had just finished managing the Puerto Rican team Criollos de Caguas in the Caribbean Series and was expected to provide guidance to Cardinals major league and minor league players throughout the season.

But as Spring Training came and went and Molina failed to show up, fans began to wonder if Molina's role with the team was overhyped. Now, in early June, Molina has yet to make his presence in St. Louis, and there is a distinct possibility that he won't show up at all during the season.

It's likely that the front office knew that Molina wouldn't have a major role with the team, but Molina's continued absence places Mozeliak and company in a negative light. It's been speculated that Molina is interested in a managerial position with the Cardinals, but he's unlikely to earn the job if he won't be present for other engagements with the team.

There is precious little information online about where Molina is or why he hasn't appeared in St. Louis. He may still be active with the Puerto Rican basketball team he purchased, Vaqueros de Bayamon, or he could be dealing with family matters. Regardless of his location, the fact that Molina hasn't been with the club is frustrating Cardinals fans in his post-playing career.

The sleuths within the Cardinals organization have their hands full when it comes to figuring out the answers to these burning questions, and fans will be impatiently drumming their fingers to see them solved before the season concludes.