4 moves the St. Louis Cardinals can make to improve their pitching immediately

St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
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Change #4 - Reshuffle the high-leverage relievers

This happens every single year to every single team, but the Cardinals' bullpen is in need of a reshuffle for the time begin.

The first change I would make is bringing Jordan Hicks into the late-inning closing group with Ryan Helsley and Giovanny Gallegos. It wasn't that long ago that myself and many others were calling for Hicks to be DFA'd, but he has not only turned things around but he's also become lights out as of late.

Over his last 15 games, Hicks has a 2.60 ERA in 17.1 innings while striking out 30 batters. Yes, 30. He's found that strikeout stuff in a big way and is quickly becoming a top-end reliever again. Over his last 7 outings, Hicks has only allowed 1 hit and 3 walks while giving up 0 runs.

Helsley, on the other hand, has been a bit shaky this season with his 3.52 ERA, which has been even higher in his last 7 appearances with a 4.15 ERA. There's no need to "demote" him yet, but I do think Hicks has earned the chance to close out games or come in in crucial spots at the same rate as Helsley and Gallegos.

The second change I would make is putting Genesis Cabrera on Memphis watch, and being prepared to call up Zack Thompson if needed. I wasn't a big fan of them demoting Thompson to prepare to be a starter for next year with how valuable he's been for them out of the bullpen the last few years, and I really think they need to undo that if Cabrera continues to struggle. He now has a 4.95 ERA on the season and his WHIP has raised to 1.55. Cabrera has some of the best stuff in the Cardinals' bullpen, but they need him to produce better than he has.

I'm all for Thompson getting a chance in the rotation next season but for now, they need him to be ready to get back to his high-leverage self in St. Louis.

I would also be unafraid to move off of Drew VerHagen or Chris Stratton if either cannot get their footing back soon. I think both guys deserve more time to figure things out, especially Stratton, as they have had a big impact out of the bullpen at different times this year. But with guys like Thompson and Guillermo Zuniga waiting in the wings, they can have short leashes.