4 moves the St. Louis Cardinals can make to improve their pitching immediately

St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
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Change #1 - Move Steven Matz to the bullpen and keep Matthew Liberatore in the rotation

This change may already be underway, as the Cardinals had Steven Matz appear out of the bullpen on Sunday and plan to have their five-man rotation rest for their game on Friday.

When it comes to Liberatore, no one should be expecting him to be the club's answer to a top-of-the-rotation starter, but he does have the upside of a consistent middle or backend of-the-rotation starter that the Cardinals need. Yes, the Cardinals already have a lot of guys who profile like that, but one player, in particular, has not answered that call well this season.

Matz is 0-6 with a 5.72 ERA on the season for the Cardinals, and just cannot be trusted to go out there and start for the Cardinals any longer. While Liberatore has had one good start and one bad start so far, I believe that a prolonged stint in the rotation will see him balance things out and provide more stablity than Matz did.

Now, I've seen people say Matz should be designated for an assignment or optioned to Memphis, but I see a role for him as a left-handed reliever out of the bullpen. On the season, lefties are hitting just .189/.268/.297 against Matz, making him an elite option to shut down lefties for the Cardinals late in games.

Should Matz struggle in that role, a stint on Memphis could be in the cards, but for now, he should prepare as a reliever for St. Louis.