4 more Spring Training standouts for the St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day
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Jack Flaherty, SP

This is a big season for Flaherty. He will want to perform to the best of his ability to help his team, and Adam Wainwright competes for a championship in his final season. The better he performs, the better his shot of getting a big contract when he hits free agency after this season.

He could become a Cardinal for a very long time if he's able to perform as has been hoped.

After returning from injuries over the last few seasons, Flaherty is taking his time to make sure he's 100% good to go to take the mound.

Flaherty's first start this spring was good. He pitched three innings, and only give up one hit which was, unfortunately, a home run. But he was able to strike out five batters after that which is exactly what the Cardinals need - an innings-eating, strike thrower.

While it's frustrating, I appreciate Flaherty taking his time and ensuring he's ready. Watching him struggle through the last couple of seasons, not at 100%, has been frustrating.

Here's hoping we get the Flaherty we've been expecting this season, and it earns him a contract making him a Cardinal for life. A fan can hope, anyway.

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