4 more Spring Training standouts for the St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day
St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day / Benjamin Rusnak/GettyImages
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The Cardinals have had a productive Spring Training so far. Who is standing out for the Cardinals?

Jordan Walker has been the talk of St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training so far. With his speed, power, and youth, he's been a joy to watch. After a sliding play Saturday, Walker was removed from the game with right shoulder soreness. While he should be okay, with the World Baseball Classic underway, this gives others a chance to show off their worth to the club.

The Cardinals have a majority of the starting lineup and some of the starting rotation in the WBC over the next couple of weeks. It will give some players on the bench or in the minor leagues a chance to show manager Oli Marmol and the organization what they've got and better their chances of rising in the ranks.

Let's take a look at some more players who are standing out this Spring Training.

Juan Yepez, 1B and DH

Juan Yepez, 25, was put on the back burner last season with the acquisition of Albert Pujols. Yepez used the year with Pujols to learn from arguably the best right-handed hitter ever. This season he will be working to be a backup fielder and designated hitter. He could earn an everyday role.

Monday's game against the Astros made a good case for Yepez. In the second inning, Yepez hit a single to right field off Ty Buttrey, scoring Victor Scott II and Masyn Winn. In 10 games, he's hitting .286/.333/.464 with an OPS of .798 with two doubles, one home run, and eight RBI. Considering the track he is on, he will likely get more playing time.

Last season, Yepez hit .253/.296/..447 with an OPS of .742, 12 home runs, and 30 RBI. He also had some injuries that slowed the momentum he could have gained to earn more time. If Yepez can build momentum and stay healthy, he could have a great season.