4 former Cardinals who succeeded, and 3 who failed after being traded at the deadline

While the Cardinals walked away with a ton of value at the deadline, the buyers who traded with them had mixed results.
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Chris Stratton: Succeeded

The other piece of the Jordan Montgomery trade, Chris Stratton was a solid reliever for St. Louis. No, he wasn't a high-leverage reliever, but he's the kind of reliever you like taking the ball in the 5th, 6th, or 7th inning in a given game to help cover innings over the course of a season.


Since landing in Texas, he has a 2.25 ERA in 19 games and has been a valuable member of their bullpen. Stratton should be rewarded for that play in free agency, and may even be a name that the Cardinals look to bring in to help reshape their bullpen this offseason.