4 former Cardinals who succeeded, and 3 who failed after being traded at the deadline

While the Cardinals walked away with a ton of value at the deadline, the buyers who traded with them had mixed results.
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Genesis Cabrera: Succeeded

Genesis Cabrera had an up-and-down career with the Cardinals, and his 2023 season was the breaking point for his tenure. The Cardinals weren't looking to get rid of Cabrera, but his frustration with his role for the club made a change of scenery needed.

Since arriving in Toronto, Cabrera has made 25 appearances, posting a 2.57 ERA while cutting in half his walks per nine innings. Like Hicks, he's been a major weapon for the Blue Jays as they look to shorten games, and will likely have a big role for them in 2024 as well.

The Cardinals received an interesting catching prospect, Sammy Hernandez, in return for Cabrera, so time will tell whether or not he can make an impact for St. Louis. Sure, Cabrera has been great for Toronto and the Cardinals need bullpen help, but I'm not sure if he could have turned it around like he has in St. Louis.