4 former Cardinals who succeeded, and 3 who failed after being traded at the deadline

While the Cardinals walked away with a ton of value at the deadline, the buyers who traded with them had mixed results.

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Paul DeJong: Failed

After rebounding from an awful 2022 season, the Cardinals were able to salvage some trade value from Paul DeJong after the Toronto Blue Jays had a surprise injury to their starting shortstop, Bo Bichette. Well, things did not last very long in Toronto.

In 13 games, DeJong slashed .068/.068/.068, having 0 extra-base hits and just 1 RBI until Bichette returned, and he was then released by Toronto. He was quickly scooped up by the San Fransico Giants, but struggled again, posting a .466 OPS with 1 HR and 5 RBI in 18 games. He was once again released and is still a free agent.

While the Blue Jays did not give up much value to bring in DeJong, that was about as bad of a run as they could have gotten from the guy they were hoping would provide them with middle infield depth. Hopefully, an offseason of work helps DeJong latch on with another team in 2024, but his post-deadline performance was really bad.