4 former Cardinals who succeeded, and 3 who failed after being traded at the deadline

While the Cardinals walked away with a ton of value at the deadline, the buyers who traded with them had mixed results.
Baltimore Orioles  v San Diego Padres
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Jack Flaherty: Failed

When the Orioles made Jack Flaherty their top pitching addition at the trade deadline, I was honestly a bit disappointed as a baseball fan. I like Flaherty and thought some contender should bring him into the fold (the Rays had a deal in place to do so until the Orioles swooped in), but I thought they should have been more aggressive and acquired a top talent.

Well, I'm guessing their front office would agree in hindsight.

Since coming over to the Orioles, Flaherty has a 6.68 ERA, making 7 starts before being moved to the bullpen recently. It's safe to say this has been a trainwreck for both Baltimore and Flaherty so far. There's going to be a real conversation about if Flaherty even makes their postseason roster.

For Flaherty, I think this stint in Baltimore kills any hope of him getting a long-term deal this offseason. I would look for him to sign a one-year deal with a savvy organization like the Dodgers, Giants, or Rays, and then try to hit the open market again after 2024 if he rebounds well.