4 former Cardinals who succeeded, and 3 who failed after being traded at the deadline

While the Cardinals walked away with a ton of value at the deadline, the buyers who traded with them had mixed results.
Baltimore Orioles  v San Diego Padres
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For the first time in a very long time, the St. Louis Cardinals were sellers at the 2023 MLB Trade Deadline. While it was a frustrating position to be in, the club took advantage of a seller's market and made some great deals to accelerate their retool.

The Cardinals mostly traded away players who were impending free agents and likely would not be on the team beyond 2024. This presented very little "risk" for them since they were out of the playoff race, and anything St. Louis was able to get in terms of value was encouraging. So far, the results seem to be even better than anyone could have expected.

While the Cardinals should be very happy about their trade deadline moves, the teams they made deals with have experienced mixed results. The Cardinals made three separate trades with the Toronto Blue Jays, one with the Texas Rangers, and one with the Baltimore Orioles. The Blue Jays and Rangers are fighting for the final playoff spots in the American League in their final games, and the Orioles just locked up their own playoff berth.

Even if all three teams make the playoffs, some of the deals those clubs made will still be looked at as major disappointments, while others turned out to be excellent moves for their club, Honestly, when you look at the results that each Cardinal has put up since they have been traded, it's pretty clear whether or not they have been a success story for their new club or an utter disappointment.

Here are four Cardinals who have succeeded with their new teams, and three who have been failures