4 former Cardinals who have performed putridly in 2024

The focus is always on former St. Louis Cardinals who have dominated with their new teams, but spare a thought for those who haven't found success in 2024.
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Busch Stadium could soon end up on one of those "most haunted places in America" articles, because the list of players who depart from St. Louis and end up ravaging the St. Louis Cardinals has lengthened dramatically in recent years. From hitters such as Adolis Garcia to pitchers such as Zac Gallen, the Cardinals could be seen as some sort of warped version of King Midas, where everyone they've let go of appears to turn to gold.

Theories abound exist to attempt to explain why these players aren't able to reach their full potential with the Cardinals, from the organization's inability to convert players into major league stars, to a lack of opportunities for players to perform.

Fans might bang their heads against their desks in frustration with the moves that panned out for other teams more than they did for St. Louis, but in sports fans' proclivity to focus on the negative aspects of their teams, it's often overlooked that for all of the players who go on to have career years after discarding the birds on the bat, there are many more who never reach the heights that they did while in St. Louis.

A large number of ex-Cardinals just vanish from the map, but those who possess higher profiles and more success in the game while with the Cardinals or with other teams prior to them will often receive more chances around the league, and their declines will therefore attract more attention.

These four relatively well-known former Cardinals are not playing well in 2024 with their current teams.