4 Cardinals-Yankees trades that just make too much sense at the trade deadline

The St. Louis Cardinals and New York Yankees are very familiar as trade partners and should look to pull off one of these deals before the deadline
New York Yankees v St. Louis Cardinals
New York Yankees v St. Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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Trade #4

Cardinals receive: RHP Clayton Beeter, RHP Will Warren, and RHP Luis Serna

Yankees receive: LHP Jordan Montgomery

I mean, how perfect would this be? Come full circle and let the Yankees bring back the arm they said wasn't good enough for their playoff rotation last year.

Part of this exercise is to illustrate just how many interesting arms the Yankees have in their farm system. I have some personal favorites, which includes Beeter, but there are a variety of other arms that could be had if the Yankees want to make a deal. Again, this makes me think the two are great partners, as there has got to be a combination of young starters that St. Louis would like for one of these players I have mentioned.

Montgomery would give the Yankees a 1-4 that I'm not sure can be matched by any team right now in baseball. So I see why they'd be interested in him.

For the Cardinals, Montgomery is going to get them their biggest return out of rentals, which is why I have three different arms coming back to them. Will Warren is their sixth-ranked prospect and is currently in Triple-A along with Beeter. He throws in the low to mid-90s with his fastballs but his best pitch is a wipeout slider with 3,000 RPM on it. He's got an interesting curveball and changeup, so his mix of pitches will be intriguing for any team.


Luis Serna is 18 years old and pitching in the Yankees Rookie League right now, and has an interesting arsenal himself. His biggest issue is he is just 5'11 and weighs 162 pounds, so he needs to put on even more weight in order to have a real future as a starter. His fastball sits in the low 90s right now, but perhaps it could spike some if he does gain muscle

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