4 Cardinals the fans have already lost patience with

Arizona Diamondbacks v St. Louis Cardinals
Arizona Diamondbacks v St. Louis Cardinals / Joe Puetz/GettyImages
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Let's dive into a few Cardinals that the fans are beginning to lose patience with.

To kick off the 2023 regular season, pretty much everything that could go wrong for the St. Louis Cardinals has gone wrong for them.

Entering the new week, the Redbirds sit at 16-25, good for last place in the National League Central and the worst winning percentage of any NL team period. The club's -10 run differential isn't quite as painful as you'd expect from your typical last-place team, but you know something's wrong with your squad if they are statistically worse than the Colorado Rockies.

It hasn't just been one specific person, either. This has been a group "effort" to send a club seemingly destined for contention straight to the basement of the league. Position players have struggled with consistency, the starting rotation has been unreliable from top to bottom and a handful of the relief pitchers have been untrustworthy as well.

Through and through, this has not been the start that anybody saw coming from this team. Many of the club's followers are beginning to lose patience with the way things are going, and understandably so. On paper, there's no reason why the Cardinals weren't going to be favorites to win the NL Central this year; but instead, things are starting to look like a lost cause for the 2023 season.