4 Cardinals cruelly spurned from the All-Star Game in the past decade

These four members of past St. Louis Cardinals teams had All-Star caliber years but, for one reason or another, have never made it onto an All-Star team.
St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies
St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Upon the reveal of the All-Star rosters for 2024, St. Louis Cardinals fans may have been disappointed by the fact that closing pitcher Ryan Helsley was the only player selected from their team. Helsley was a no-doubt selection by the players, as he leads the major leagues with 31 saves and holds a 2.41 ERA.

Many Cardinals fans are hoping that Helsley is not chosen to pitch in the All-Star Game, as the closer has been called upon in 40 games this season and is at his best when he receives rest. When Helsley has pitched in consecutive games, he has an opposing batting average of .286, compared with a .130 opposing average on one day of rest and .139 when pitching after two days off.

Two other Cardinals had cases to make the National League All-Star team. Sonny Gray owns a 3.30 ERA and a strikeout rate of 11.2 per nine innings, and Masyn Winn is hitting .294 and ranks second in the National League in defensive WAR.

Gray and Winn could be classified as All-Star snubs, but the National League is flush with strong pitching and exciting young shortstops. In a lesser year for these positions, Gray and Winn might have sneaked onto the roster. But there have been far more glaring omissions on All-Star teams over the years when it comes to deserving Cardinals.

Since 2014, four Cardinals stick out as players who should have found their way onto the All-Star roster but failed to make the cut.