3 ways the St. Louis Cardinals could fumble the trade deadline

Here are three ways the St. Louis Cardinals could screw up the 2023 trade deadline.
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They play their trade pieces too much

Although the Cardinals would obviously prefer not to tip their hand when it comes to revealing whom they are looking to trade, there is a possibility that if Oliver Marmol decides to keep playing the regular lineups and starters, someone will get hurt, which would be a worst-case scenario for the front office.

The scare with Jordan Montgomery being forced to exit a game on July 7 with a hamstring injury could have been a wake-up call for Marmol. While he likely isn't privy to whom Mozeliak plans to trade, he is undoubtedly aware of the rumors swirling around many Cardinals. It would behoove Marmol to skip the next starts of Montgomery and Flaherty and get some of the regular position players who might be dealt off their feet.


There are several ways the Cardinals could bungle this deadline, especially given that the front office has never been in this situation. Although Mozeliak has hinted at what he plans to do at this deadline, there is no way to be sure when it comes to how the team will handle it. Let's hope that he is able to expertly navigate these rough, uncharted waters.

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