3 ways the Cardinals and Yankees make a Dylan Carlson trade

The Cardinals, for the first time under Mozeliak, are sellers at the trade deadline. Rumors are swirling around a number of players, including Dylan Carlson.
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Cardinals and Yankees trade option 2

Sean Boyle
Sean Boyle pitches for the New York Yankees / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Cardinals Receive: RHP Drew Thorpe, RHP Sean Boyle

Yankees Receive: OF Dylan Carlson

This option certainly resembles the last one. Again, the Yankees would receive Dylan Carlson in exchange for two young pitchers. Instead of two solid options who likely profile as middling starters, this trade gives the Cardinals the chance to acquire a pitcher with a higher ceiling.

Thorpe is ranked as the Yankees' top pitching prospect, according to MLB Pipeline. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, Thorpe is currently pitching in A+. He is likely two seasons away from the majors, considering Thorpe was selected in the second round of last year's draft, Though he has been impressive this season, he will not help the Cardinals in 2024. This being said, he has an impressive ceiling and could someday pitch at or near the front of an MLB rotation.

The Yankees could augment their package with other, less exciting pieces. One example would be Sean Boyle. Boyle is currently ranked 27th among the Yankees' prospects. He has struggled this year in AAA, but pitched well there last year. Throughout his minor league career, Boyle has exhibited excellent control and solid, albeit unspectacular, strikeout rates. He profiles as a backend starter at best. His effective sweeping slider could also make him a strong reliever. Boyle could compete for a rotation spot in 2024, but does not offer the same upside as many other options. Additionally, at nearly 27 years of age, Boyle lacks projectability, something that could cause hesitancy among Cardinals executives.

Would the Cardinals deal Carlson for assets that may not help them compete in 2024? This is the most important question to consider when reviewing this option. Additionally, how tightly do the Yankees hold on to Thorpe. Again, there is reason for both sides to consider standing pat in this scenario.