3 under-the-radar players the St. Louis Cardinals should promote

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Luken Baker, 1B

Luken Baker has been in the organization for a while. The Cardinals drafted him in the second round in 2018, and prior to this season, he was a standard high-power, low-average slugger. So far in 2023, Baker has elevated his game to another level, hitting .318 with 10 home runs in 109 plate appearances. He also homered in four consecutive games.

Baker doesn’t possess much positional versatility, only being able to play first base and designated hitter, but the Cardinals could use his power in a pinch-hitting and occasional DH role. Baker is 26, so the time is now for the Cardinals to see if he can carve out a role on the team.

To make room for Baker, the Cardinals’ best bet is to designate Taylor Motter for assignment. The 33-year-old holds limited upside, and although Motter can play several positions, the Cardinals know what they have in him. Baker represents more potential, so the Cardinals might as well see what he can provide them.