3 under-the-radar pitchers the Cardinals can target via trade

The Cardinals need three starters, two of which must be frontline guys. However, these under-the-radar pitchers could be potential trade targets this winter.
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2. Bryan Woo

Speaking of trading with the Mariners for starting pitching, there is more than one arm that could make a lot of sense for the Cardinals, and that is right-hander Bryan Woo.

Woo made the jump from Double-A all the way to the Major Leagues this year, not unlike Jordan Walker. He had a strong campaign as well.

The 23-year-old went 4-5 and posted a 4.21 ERA in 18 starts. He is a big swing-and-miss guy as well, having averaged 9.5 strikeouts per nine innings.

Woo averaged 3.2 walks per nine, which isn't too big of a concern, but it's something he could cut down on next year. But like Miller, Woo is young and has several years of team control left. His rookie status is still intact, but with more experience, he could grow into a very reliable starting pitcher.

At this point, the ceiling for Woo appears to be high. Right now, he could probably qualify as a No. 3 guy on most ballclubs, including the Cardinals. But he'd be a solid supplement to the two frontline starters the Cardinals pick up this offseason.

More pitching can't hurt, and Woo has a bright future ahead of him, which at the very least could help the Cardinals out in terms of depth. That was more of an issue at the trade deadline, but it's still something the Cardinals would be able to address if they were to add Woo in a trade with the Mariners this winter.