3 trade proposals for the Cardinals to acquire Emmanuel Clase and Shane Bieber

The Cleveland Guardians are rumored to hear offers on Shane Bieber and now Emmanuel Clase. St. Louis could nab both of them, finalizing their rotation and stabalizing their bullpen.
Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Guardians
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Trade Proposal #2

Guardians receive Tyler O'Neill, Gordon Graceffo, and Ian Bedell
Cardinals receive Shane Bieber and Emmanuel Clase

Tyler O'Neill raises the power and defensive potential for this trade. Both he and Shane Bieber are free agents this year so that transaction balances out. Gordon Graceffo is a strong pitching prospect who can make the rotation as early as next season. Ian Bedell is a bit of a deeper pitching prospect, but he has excellent control and a fairly deep pitch mix.

Once again, St. Louis receives a starting pitcher in Shane Bieber who could lead a rotation and a closer with a track record of fantastic success. Cleveland maintains its prospect depth and gains two players who could provide a boost to their rotation both now and in the future.

Both Graceffo and Bedell have all of their years of team control left and plenty of remaining minor-league options. While O'Neill is a free agent after this season, Bieber, likewise, is only under team control for 2024. These two players are an even swap for each other. Tyler O'Neill would provide a pure power upgrade to an offense desperate for some big hits. His Gold Glove potential also helps, especially given the fact that he can play center or left field. O'Neill is about $7 million cheaper than Bieber, so Cleveland is getting financial freedom as well.

Gordon Graceffo is a very capable starting pitcher. He has a career 3.51 minor league ERA in 251 innings pitched. He pitched solely in AAA Memphis last year, and despite some struggles (4.92 ERA, 1.53 WHIP, 81 K's to 45 BBs), he has always had great control and strikeout numbers.

Ian Bedell is 24 years old, so he is an older prospect for sure. He pitched only in High-A Peoria last year, and he finished the season with a 2.44 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, and 106 strikeouts to 34 walks in 96 innings. He started 19 games and was a reliever in 8 other games. Bedell is mostly known for his control, and the Cardinals elected to keep him on the 40-man roster most recently. He had Tommy John surgery in 2021, but he is far enough past that surgery that it isn't a concern anymore.