3 trade deadline moves Cardinals can make that could be considered "buying"

Can the Cardinals be buyers and sellers at the same time?
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
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Cardinals "buying move No. 3) Trading For Bryce Miller

While we're on the subject of top-level controllable starting pitching, in the event that Gilbert is off limits for the Mariners, there is another promising young pitcher in their organization who could be of use to the Cardinals.

Bryce Miller owns a 6-3 record and an ERA of 3.50. He would certainly come at a lower cost than Gilbert and would also be under club control for several years. It wouldn't take an enormous haul, so I could see the Cardinals trading one of O'Neill or Burleson to acquire him.

Another option is Bryan Woo. Though he has struggled to the tune of a 1-3 record and 4.91 ERA in his nine starts. If Gilbert is off limits, Miller would probably be the next best thing, as the Mariners definitely won't trade Luis Castillo or George Kirby.