3 thoughts after Cardinals get swept by the Angels

Jack Flaherty
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Jack Flaherty vocally frustrated

Flaherty had a terrible start on Wednesday. He pitched 2.1 innings, and he gave up nine hits, a walk, and ten runs, including a home run to Rengifo. He did strike out three.

Flaherty was removed from the game after a comeback hit his hand. He was completely frustrated after the game and let those frustrations be known in talking with the media.

That's an understatement. This was not Flaherty's most remarkable performance. He has struggled all season, even in his two wins. He's attributed it to just throwing and not pitching. Wednesday, he called out the entire pitching staff, noting they were all throwing.

I appreciate Flaherty's honesty about the situation. It's unbelievable how the pitching staff has been unable to perform well. It makes matters worse that the entire team has these moments and that it trickles down to the relief staff, which compounds the issue.

The issue arose when legendary catcher Yadier Molina was behind the plate. It almost seems like an outside source needs to come in and shake things up. Pitching to contact maybe shouldn't be the strict philosophy. A pitching staff that throws strikes in several innings would be great. Unfortunately, it won't happen with current management, but it's an idea.