3 things we've learned about the Cardinals so far, 3 we're still unsure of

Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
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Unsure: Offense as a whole

It would be curious to know what happens in the clubhouse regarding the roster and the hitting coaches. Are they on the same page? Are the coaches doing too much? Have they ruined Jordan Walker? Goldschmidt looked like he had a productive offseason. What happened? Arenado also looked like he had a productive offseason. While he's getting better, it's taking a lot of time.

Fans clamored for former hitting coach Jeff Albert to be moved. The team has the same issues. It may be time for them to bring Jim Edmonds down from the broadcasting booth to the dugout. That might be extreme, but the Cardinals need a new voice with success at hitting. Something is not clicking and needs to change if this team hopes to succeed.

Seeing the number of runners left in a scoring position has been ridiculous. How many times were the bases loaded, and they blooped a hit to strand the runners? That's unacceptable. This happened so much last season. It should have been left last season. This should have been stressed as another need this offseason.

Learned: One more starter would still be nice

The Cardinals agree that another starter is needed for the club. They optioned Andre Pallante to AAA Memphis to stretch him out as a starter. This should have been done in the offseason because he has performed better as a starter.

It will be curious to see how Marmol and Blake handle this.

That being said, the Cardinals could use another starter. Whether via free agency, trade, or even a minor league addition, the Cardinals must address this soon and not wait until the trade deadline. The team needs some urgency, a jolt, and new energy immediately.