3 St. Louis Cardinals prospects who are flourishing and 2 who are faltering

St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day
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The Cardinals have a mix of prospects who are breaking out this year and others who are struggling

The St. Louis Cardinals make no secret of their organizational philosophy: draft promising players and develop them from within, eventually promoting them to the majors to replenish the pool of talent. It's a strategy that has worked beautifully for years for the Cardinals, and many of their players in the minor leagues look ready to contribute at the major league level.

Not all prospects can pan out, though. Major League Baseball teams are more adept than ever at scouting players and making strong draft choices, but the amateur draft is still far from a sure thing. Even the Cardinals, who are under drafting maestro Randy Flores, can't have a 100% hit rate on whom they choose.

The journey through the minor leagues is long and arduous for most players (albeit not as terrible as before given the fact that minor leaguers recently ratified their own collective bargaining agreement), and the Cardinals recently cut their losses on a massively struggling 2019 second-round pick, Tre Fletcher.

In this article, I will cover some prospects who are playing well this season and a couple who are not. While Jordan Walker and Masyn Winn are two who are excelling right now, I'm not going to cover those players in this article given their widespread analysis already taking place among fans. This article will cover five prospects who fall slightly further below the radar.

These are three St. Louis Cardinals prospects who are performing well and two who are fighting to keep their heads above water.