3 reasons why moving Willson Contreras to DH hurts the Cardinals in the future

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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3. Clubhouse drama

Let's be real, the Cardinals clubhouse has been in absolute shambles the last couple of weeks due to the frustration of losing 8 straight games. It seemed that the front office decided to pick on the main acquisitions in the postseason as the main problem for the Cardinals, which was completely unfair. With Tyler O'Neill being singled out for not hustling around the bases, it begs the question in the clubhouse of who will get singled out next.


Contreras handled the criticism from the front office pretty well by practically carrying the Cardinals to the first victory in an opening game against the formal ball club and Cardinals rival the Chicago Cubs. It will be interesting to see what the front office says and does about Contreras in the future.

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