3 reasons why moving Willson Contreras to DH hurts the Cardinals in the future

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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There are three reasons moving Willson Contreras to DH could hurt the future of the Cardinals

I think I can speak for everyone watching or following the St. Louis Cardinals that we did not expect Willson Contreras' catcher spot to be in jeopardy so early in the season or even in jeopardy at all for the 5 years that the Cardinals have him. But 36 games into the season and an abysmal 12-24 record led to the front office making some changes in the lineup and the roster as a result of the Cardinals' woes as of late.

There is no doubt the Contreras can hit posting a solid slash line of .273/.346/.405 he has been one of the better Cardinal hitters solidifying himself in the middle of the order in every game that he starts. The hitting was never an issue though for the Cardinals organization it seemed to be his fielding and pitch calling that was the reason for the Cardinals to temporarily remove him from his catching duties in the meantime. The Birds pitching has not been doing any favors for the team allowing an average of 4.89 runs per game it is hard to win games when the offense has been as inconsistent as it is.

Is removing Willson Contreras from his catching duties really the best option that the front office could come up with in order to get the team back on track? Cardinals fans surely don't think so expressing their anger at the front office for almost putting the blame on Contreras for the reason why the pitching has been so poor and giving up on him so early in the season. Not only does it create a whole clubhouse fiasco but it also creates issues with the lineup and what happens moving forwards with the Cardinals. This move hurts the Cardinals in more ways than it helps and here is why.