3 reasons why Jordan Walker remains essential to the Cardinals' future

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Jordan Walker can join Lars Nootbaar as long-term answers to the Cardinals' outfield shuffle

The Cardinals have not had the same starting outfield in consecutive years since 2012 and 2013. There have only been a few years since then when even two of their outfielders remain the same. This has been a revolving door for the Cardinals for far too long, and Walker has the chance to bring them some stability.

Lars Nootbaar is already cementing himself as a piece for their core over the long haul. He can play all three outfield positions, is an on-base machine, and has power in his bat that could be unleashed even more over the coming seasons.

Walker will get better defensively in the outfield and would be able to lock down one of the corner outfield spots for St. Louis. With the Cardinals' infield set for the next few years as well, having stability for the majority of the lineup allows the Cardinals' front office to attack needs more aggressively, like starting pitching, without having to worry about allocating more resources to their outfield.

Not only that, but Nootbaar and Walker would give the Cardinals two of the best young outfielders in all of baseball, meaning that not only is their outfield mostly set, but it also has a very high upside.

Speaking of that upside, it's only a matter of time before Walker bursts out in St. Louis, like the aforementioned Gorman.