3 reasons to remain positive about the St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies
St. Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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Here are three reasons why the dejected St. Louis Cardinals fan should continue to believe in the team.

The St. Louis Cardinals have begun their season horrifically, and there is a multitude of reasons one could point to, including lousy pitching and underperforming hitting. Some incensed fans have also aired their grievances toward manager Oliver Marmol as a source of the Cardinals’ struggles after he had a rough week.

Among the Cardinals struggling are pretty much every starting pitcher except Jordan Montgomery as well as catcher Willson Contreras, utility player Brendan Donovan and outfielder Tyler O'Neill. The Cardinals rank toward the bottom of the league in hitting with runners in scoring position and haven't shown too much power, and the starting pitching has been abysmal for the most part, with the Cardinals tied for 22nd in team ERA.

Despite all the tribulations the Cardinals are enduring, the Cardinals have shown time and time again that they have the ability to adapt. Several people have compared the Cardinals' start to that of the World Series-winning 2011 team, where they began the season with a record of 4-7. The main difference between those teams was the presence of a bona fide No. 1 starter in Chris Carpenter through the 2011 season.

Even though the Cardinals have shaky pitching and the offense hasn't delivered the way many fans expected, it’s far too early for fans to give up on the season, especially after the latest promising game in Colorado. This is a talented squad, and there are some stats that suggest a turnaround should come soon.