3 possible plans the Cardinals can have for Tommy Edman in 2024

The ever-versatile Tommy Edman can play multiple positions. He provides the Cardinals' brass with a variety of options for 2024. What is the preferred role for him?

St. Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves
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Play Him in Center

At the beginning of the year, calling Tommy Edman the starting center fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals would have sounded ludicrous. He was our shortstop, not our center fielder. However, with a plethora of injuries to the Cardinals' outfielders, the athletic and speedy Edman was thrust into the middle of the outfield.

There were speed bumps early on, but he was able to learn the position relatively quickly having only logged 14 innings in center throughout his entire professional career. Edman adapted quite well to roaming the middle of the outfield. Through 283 innings in center field this year, Edman has logged a +5 Outs Above Average. He is in the 88th percentile in sprint speed, 93rd percentile in range, and 65th percentile in arm strength. While he isn't prone to throwing people out, he is capable of covering ground, thus limiting extra-base hits. Edman's middle-of-the-pack arm limits his outfield assists potential, as he only has 3 this year. His range decreases the need for him to use his arm, though.

Edman has been making web-gem plays all year long, most recently against Atlanta. Edman's potential in center field allows the Cardinals to save money this offseason. Rather than spending money on a defensive-minded fielder, the Cardinals can plug Edman in center and not worry about a thing.