3 players the St. Louis Cardinals failed or mishandled in recent years

St. Louis Cardinals v Detroit Tigers
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Let's check out 3 players the St. Louis Cardinals failed or mishandled in recent years.

To begin the 2023 regular season, virtually nobody could've seen the epic collapse of the St. Louis Cardinals coming. Top to bottom, the big league roster is filled to the brim with top-tier talent. It's so difficult to imagine a squad led by Nolan Arenado, Willson Contreras, and Paul Goldschmidt struggling so mightily.

To put into perspective just how much talent we're looking at, players like Juan Yepez and Jordan Walker are currently in the minor leagues since there's no clear spot for them on the 26-man active roster in the bigs. More on these two players in a bit.

So frequently do Major League Baseball players get shuffled back and forth between the major and minor leagues, especially when they are right at the beginning of their respective careers. There are countless examples of this actually affecting the player's development and perhaps slowing their path to becoming a consistent big league contributor.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals are not a team that's immune to such decisions. There are a handful of current (and former) players who were mishandled a bit by the team. Whether it's a string of promotions/demotions, unstable roles on the active roster, or being traded away before they found their stride, the list continues to grow longer for this club. Here are three of those players