3 players the Cardinals wish they signed last offseason, 1 they are glad they didn't

The St. Louis Cardinals were pretty quiet last offseason. Here are the players excelling in 2023 they could have signed.
Jun 15, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Texas Rangers starting pitcher Nathan Eovaldi (17) pitches in
Jun 15, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Texas Rangers starting pitcher Nathan Eovaldi (17) pitches in / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
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Much has been made of the St. Louis Cardinals lack of moves this past offseason. Outside of signing Willson Contreras to a five year deal, the team just didn't do all that much to improve their roster. Sure, signing Miles Mikolas an extension is nice and all, but they very clearly didn't do enough to be competitive in 2023.

In fairness, the Cardinals' front office wasn't twiddling their thumbs all offseason. They were definitely interested in trading for Sean Murphy before he ended up with the Braves and St. Louis settled on signing Contreras at catcher. They were mentioned as being interested in signing Dansby Swanson before he signed a long-term deal with the division rival Cubs. They even looked at signing another starting pitcher, although it looks like they may have dodged at least one bullet there.

There are certainly times when the Cardinals made the right choice to pass on players especially given the exorbitant prices we saw in free agency, but there are definitely some players that they missed out on who could have really helped the team in 2023.

Here are some players the St Louis Cardinals wish they signed and one they are glad they didn't

It is difficult to be too hard on the Cardinals' front office as hindsight is always 20/20, but the reality is that this Cardinals team has some real problems. Instead of competing for the division crown like they usually do, they reside at the bottom of a bad division wondering what might have been.

Lets get to the players the Cardinals wished they had signed last offseason and one they are probably glad they avoided.