3 pending free agents the St. Louis Cardinals should avoid

The desperate need for pitching is going to be the mindset for the Cardinals' front office this winter, but which free agents should they steer away from?
Los Angeles Angels v St. Louis Cardinals
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3. Los Angeles Angels two way star Shohei Ohtani

Ohtani might be the most attractive free agent in the history of the sport. He is one of the best pitchers and one of the best hitters in baseball, truly a once-in-a-lifetime superstar. The Cardinals may not have been one of the favorites to land Ohtani anyway, but now with the disappointing fact that he might need to have UCL surgery again on his pitching arm, the Cardinals shouldn't pursue him.

Many believe the realistic possibility of landing Ohtani was minuscule to begin with, but since the Cards don't need another DH on the roster, it's hard to pass on someone with as much talent as Ohtani, but the Cardinals will have to.


It may be easier for the Front Office to move on than it will be for the fan base, as they have shown over the years they are very deliberate with where they throw their money around. When it comes to offering big contracts, the Cardinals have done so on several occasions, but most of the time they have fallen short. The same would've likely occurred with Ohtani but since the team is currently in need of an arm more than his bat, the Cardinals should stay out of this bidding war for now.