3 new trade ideas the Cardinals could propose for Rays' Tyler Glasnow

If the Cardinals want to get a true front-line starter at a low price point, they should look no further than the Rays' Tyler Glasnow.

Wild Card Series - Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game One
Wild Card Series - Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game One / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Trade #1

Cardinals receive: RHP Tyler Glasnow and $5 million

Rays receive: OF/1B Alec Burleson and RHP Sem Robberse

Let's think about this from the Rays' side of things for a moment. Shaving a large chunk of Glasnow's salary would help them fill needs that their roster has, while also getting talent in return for him. The more money the Rays are willing to eat, the better players they can get for him.

Eating money on a deal that is in large part done to free up cash seems odd, but it really isn't when you think about it. I used the $5 million figure here, but even if it's a few million more or less, the Rays can go out a sign a quality starter for their rotation with the money they did free up, while also getting solid players in return.

For example, the Rays could probably sign Eduardo Rodriguez for about $18 million a year, plus add two players like Alec Burleson and Sem Robberse, all by trading away Glasnow and freeing up that money. Or they could sign a Jack Flaherty, someone they were interested in at the trade deadline, have money left over, and these new assets in hand.

Burleson would offer the Rays a left-handed bat who should only improve with increased playing time. His contact skills helped him soar through the minor leagues, and he still has some power to unlock as well. He's not a flashy player, but he's one who will continue to grow in his ability to do damage at the plate.

If the Rays are eating money here, I think they'll need a solid prospect added on as well. Sem Robberse came over in the Jordan Hicks trade, and at just 22 years old, is already pitching in Triple-A. He's not a high-ceiling guy, but we all know the Rays tend to find ways to bring out the best in their starting pitchers.

His stuff won't blow you away, but he does have some swing and miss to his arsenal, something the Rays could help him increase in, especially if he is able to add a bit more velocity to his game.