3 highlights during the Cardinals stretch of winning seasons

2011 World Series Game 7 - Texas Rangers v St Louis Cardinals
2011 World Series Game 7 - Texas Rangers v St Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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For the first time since 2007, the Cardinals will have a season in which they will not finish with a winning record. Their stretch of non-losing seasons will also likely come to an end soon.

Ever since John Mozeliak took over as general manager after the '07 season, the Cardinals have not finished .500 or below. So far in Mozeliak's tenure, the Cardinals have won six NL Central titles, two National League pennants, and a World Series title. St. Louis has also reached the postseason 10 times.

All of that will change this year, however. Mozeliak has never had a losing season during his tenure. But the Cardinals stretch of 15 consecutive winning seasons has officially come to a disappointing end.

Still, as they always say, don't be sad because it's over. Smile because it happened. I'm in no way saying that Cardinals fans don't have every right to be frustrated by the fact that it has come to an end, especially when it was so preventable. But it is important to look back on some of the top moments from the Cardinals long stretch of winning seasons and be grateful that they happened.

There were plenty of memorable moments that took place during this incredible streak, moments that will ring true for years to come in the minds of fans.

Fans have seen a lot of great moments over the years that should be cherished forever. In this piece, we will look back on three of the best moments from the Cardinals stretch of winning seasons.