3 former Cardinals we'll miss this season and 2 we'll bid good riddance to

Several players have left the St. Louis Cardinals via the trade deadline or offseason moves. Some of them will be sorely missed, but others' departures won't faze many fans.

San Diego Padres v St Louis Cardinals
San Diego Padres v St Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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St. Louis Cardinals fans tend to put former Redbirds under a microscope after the recent history of moves gone awry. You know who they are: Sandy Alcantara, Zac Gallen, Randy Arozarena, etc. The Cardinals had to leave their comfort zone amid a disastrous season in 2023, where the team sold off pieces at the trade deadline for the first time in seemingly eons. While most fans understood that selling was necessary, people were worried about how the players the Cardinals gave up would fare and whether they would find more success with their new teams.

The results were generally reassuring for Cardinals fans. While a few players improved in the second half after the Cardinals let go of them, there were no significant breakouts, and other players backslid, some significantly.

After the season wrapped up, the Cardinals spent the winter getting busy in the free agent market to improve their pitching, but they delved into other teams' rosters as well, making a few trades to further bolster their bullpen corps and their farm system. The team decided against re-signing some impending free agents, and most of them have since found a place with other squads.

These players will be spending their first full season with their new teams after relinquishing the birds on the bat, all determined to show that the Cardinals made the wrong decision by jettisoning them or not re-signing them. These are three Cardinals whom I think fans will miss and two whom fans won't be too disappointed to no longer see on the team.

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