3 contract extensions the Cardinals should pursue, and 3 they should avoid (for now)

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A contract extension the Cardinals' should pursue: Brendan Donovan

When Donovan ended his season on the injured list in 2023, it was as if the disaster the Cardinals found themselves in had just been compounded. In Donovan, the Cardinals found a Gold Glove utility defender who can play all over the infield and outfield. He has a bat that can spray hits around the field and even into home run territory.

While he will be watched closely this spring after season-ending surgery in 2023, his arm, Donovan, is set all over the Cardinal's depth chart this season except for pitcher, catcher, and center field. Donovan is the kind of player a team could deem "untouchable." He is also a player you try to lock up. If he gets the all-clear, the Cardinals should sign Donovan long-term immediately.

A contract extension the Cardinals' should pursue: Paul Goldschmidt

He was the NL MVP in 2022. Much like the 2023 Cardinals, he had a down season. Goldschmidt certainly has a chip on his shoulder after that disastrous season. Combine that with becoming a free agent after this season, and Goldschmidt should have an epic 2024 season.

After insisting the Cardinals bring in more veteran leadership, he's already showing he is a more vocal leader this season. Goldschmidt will need to bring leadership, and his bat will need to return to life. He did spend some time at Driveline Baseball this offseason, he is working to improve his swing.

Goldschmidt seems to be working to be better next season and a better example to his teammates. This is so important for the team after such a disastrous 2023 season.

If he can lead in pulling this team back together, Mozleliak must extend Goldschmidt to remain with the Cardinals after this 2024 season.