3 Cardinals that could be gone soon after the club's terrible start

St. Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants
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Taylor Motter

Having Taylor Motter come back on a major league contract after just recently being designated for assignment by the team is puzzling. Then bringing him back to the big club as a corresponding move for sending down Jordan Walker to AAA was even more puzzling putting it mildly. This was the move the Cardinals decided to make right after blowing a 2 run lead in the 9th inning against the Giants? Feels like nothing makes sense anymore.

What does make some sense is sending Walker down to get him more at-bats and help him continue to develop his swing and his outfield defense. It's frustrating and the timing of the move was confusing but I honestly think we're used to this by now, the Cardinals' front-office decisions over the past couple of years have just been flat-out weird. But why not call up Juan Yepez?

With Paul DeJong coming back on this road trip and showing some promise in a handful of games, I don't see where or when Motter would play. When Motter made the Opening Day roster he started in a platoon with Brendan Donovan at 2nd base which we could see again, but one could argue that Donovan's rookie season was so impressive that he deserves to be more than a guy in a platoon role.

Motter has a nice story, and he earned himself a spot on the Opening Day roster this year, but I don't see him making a huge impact on this team right now. On top of that Jordan Walker will definitely be back soon, and Motter is the obvious option right now to be gone when he returns.