3 Cardinals players who should receive All-Star Game considerations but won't

It's hard to warrant multiple All-Stars when the Cardinals have been as bad as they are, but these three could have represented St. Louis this season

Pittsburgh Pirates v St. Louis Cardinals - Game Two
Pittsburgh Pirates v St. Louis Cardinals - Game Two / Joe Puetz/GettyImages
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2. Paul Goldschmidt

This one pains me to put on this list, as I believe all Cardinals fans expected their last year's MVP to make the All-Star Game this year, but he clearly got snubbed. While I don't think he should have started over Freeman, I firmly believe he deserved a spot on the reserve list for the infield.

The player he clearly outperformed for this role was Pete Alonso. According to FanGraphs, Paul Goldschmidt quite literally doubles Alonso's WAR, along with having a higher average, OPS, OPS+, and essentially every other statistic, except for home runs and RBIs. The chicks clearly dig the long ball.

Unless there are any injuries or players opting out of the All-Star Game, this future Hall of Famer will miss out on his 8th All-Star appearance and his 2nd appearance in a Cardinals uniform.