3 Cardinals players who have been horrifically unlucky this year

Baseball can be a game where you do not get rewarded despite doing everything right and vice versa. Some players have been very unlucky and are performing better than what their numbers say.
Pittsburgh Pirates v St. Louis Cardinals
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3. Willson Contreras .359 wOBA and .374 xwOBA-15 point difference

Willson Contreras has arguably been the hottest hitter in baseball in the second half. After a difficult start to the Willson Contreras era in St.Louis, everything has settled down for him being the primary catcher again and he has found his swing at the plate. Since the month of July, he's hitting .313 with a .968 OPS, 10 home runs, and 31 RBI in 45 games.

Despite this long hot streak, the metrics still have Contreras as an "unlucky hitter" for the whole season. Contreras is hitting .265 this year but has an expected average of .279 and the same goes for his slugging percentage as his expected SLG is 19 points higher than his actual SLG.

What might explain this is how hard Contreras has been hitting the ball for most of this season. He has the hardest exit velocity on a batted ball for the Cardinals this year (117.5 MPH) and the longest home run among qualified hitters (461 feet) and has a 7.7 barrel percentage per plate appearance which is tied for 2nd on the team.